My passport picture. shy of 7. The names and lives I have lived. The names that I have had, Jeanet Baculio Alvarez Teresa Barton Ingalls

Our Mission

Shout Out Loud Productions, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization focused on raising the global awareness of sex trafficking, socially sanctioned abuse and poverty in the lives of women, men and children. Through the powerful and dynamic imagery of film and art, we seek to give voice to those who have not being validated.

Our first project is a documentary. The film, based on the life of artist Jeanet T. Ingalls, who as a child was sex trafficked, vividly depicts the plight of children forced into this way of life. Proceeds from the film and other related fundraising activities will be used to recover, educate and find homes for children whose lives have been torn apart by sexual predators and profiteers.

Former Secretary of State and current presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a supporter of  SHOUT OUT LOUD , we are grateful for her and  Mr. Luis CdeBaca, the U.S. ambassador-at-large for the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

Mr. CdeBaca role is to implement the three-pronged approach to human trafficking: prevention, prosecution and protection “While we must confront the root causes of trafficking (such as poverty, lack of opportunity, the status of women, displacement and destabilization due to war or disaster), we must also address the markets where traffickers flourish not just through laws, but through a new understanding and attitudes,” he said at his 2009 confirmation hearings.

Executive Committee

President: Jeanet T. Ingalls
Vice President: Jane Johnson Vottero
Treasurer: Yelena Shakhaleva
Secretary: Sonia Filipczak

Board Members

Paul Rapp
Lauren Zivyak

Advisory Committee

Mary Nash
Megan Whilden
Shirley Edgerton
Lynn Rist
Lauren Ferin
Diana Marie Painter

Monika Pizzichemi:  Photographer



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